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Andy Zarzour, the owner of Old World Deli, studied business at Baldwin Wallace after his high school years. His expertice in business led him to acquire the want to own his very own business. This, in turn, led him to Old World Deli.

Old World Deli got its start at the Parmatown Mall many years ago. There, they were called Flaming Gyros and, later, Deli Junction. They sold Lebanese cusine and even learned how to make their gyros from a vendor at the mall. The need for more space soon became eminent and they needed to expand. They were able to buy more space in the mall, but they needed more, which brought them to Brunswick.

As of now, Old World Deli is a family owned and run business. Along with Andy Zarzour, his wife, three children, his parents, and a few other employees are what makes the business thrive. Old World Deli, over anything, works towards the satisfaction of their customers; not the profit. This is what makes their business so successful, and will cause them to grow in the years to come.